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Working at height has a number of inherent dangers, whatever it is you’re doing. While working via scaffolding hire is far safer than working from a ladder, there are still many safety tips worth keeping in the front of your mind before mounting one. On this page, our scaffolding erectors have run through a few. As one of the Wimbledon area’s premier scaffolding companies, we believe we have a certain obligation to provide any assistance we can to those who are new to working at height, or who haven’t worked at height for some time.

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Scaffolding Safety Tips



At BN Scaffolding, we understand the pressures that companies and contractors around Wimbledon can face when working on a construction/development project. But rushing a job to get it completed on time is all the more risky when working at height. A lot can go wrong, and the stakes are infinitely higher when a slip or fall is from 15 feet in the air, not the ground floor. Quality scaffolding companies work methodically and efficiently, and ours is no different. This ensures that jobs are completed on time, but we don’t need to rush to do so. We’d recommend that our clients take this same approach, to reduce the chances that their workforce will suffer an injury, or cause an injury to a client/member of the public.




A messy, disorganised construction site is a breeding ground for accidents, spanning from stubbed toes to potentially fatal major accidents. When you add scaffolding hire to the equation, and the possibility that a stray tool or material could be knocked from the scaffold on to those below, it becomes even more important to keep your workplace neat and tidy (to the best extent of your ability!)

Our scaffolding erectors learned very early on in their training that organisation is key to preventing accidents – and most Wimbledon contractors will have been subjected to the same advice in their education. However, good habits can slip over time, and as such it’s still worth underlining this point!



There are a number of hazards that can present themselves to a Wimbledon company utilising a scaffolding hire service. Perhaps the most common is adverse/inclement weather conditions. After a heavy spate of rain, strong winds or heavy snow, it’s worth having your scaffolding erectors in to inspect the structure, and to ensure it is safe for continued use (you should also wait for your scaffold to be relatively dry, as you’ll be less likely to slip on it). This should also be what you do if you suspect your structure has been vandalised.



While these tips are certainly valuable, there’s no substitute for proper, thorough training from a professional body. If you feel you or your workforce is not entirely at ease with working at height when you require scaffolding hire, get trained up! Not only will this make you an all the more attractive choice among prospective clients around Wimbledon, but it will safeguard you against accidents (which can be financially disastrous, even for a business with comfy margins). It might feel like a long-term investment, but it’ll pay dividends immediately.


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