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Scaffolding for New Malden & All Surrounding Areas

There are a number of additional features that you may want our scaffolding erectors to incorporate within the structure we design for you. Each fulfils a certain purpose, and is not entirely essential. As one of the leading scaffolding companies in New Malden and the wider London area, we aim to provide expert advice to any prospective client in need of scaffolding hire, so we can work together to design a perfect access solution that ticks every box on their wish list. So don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements, however specialist they may be!

Scaffolding Features We Can Integrate


EDGE PROTECTORS – Our scaffolding erectors can provide New Malden clients with edge protection systems to safeguard against potential falls. These will likely take the form of a guardrail system, however the type really depends on the sort of scaffolding you’re investing in. We have a range of guard rail edge protection systems, each suited to a different application, but each fulfilling the same function in providing an extra layer of protection for users.


HANDRAILS – Scaffolding companies like our own can integrate handrails that will help workers traverse a scaffold safely and keep their balance. These can be positioned as and where you’d like, and we’ll work closely with you during the design process to ensure that you have them ample, positioned optimally.


ACCESS TOWERS – Usually enclosed on all four sides and featuring a ladder, access towers allow workers to get to a comfortable position at height which they can safely work from. They’re an integral part of your scaffolding hire solution, especially if yours is complex and runs across multiple levels.  As with the integration of edge protection systems and handrails, our New Malden based scaffolding erectors consult with clients to ensure access towers are in exactly the right place, to ensure the structure is fit for purpose.


DEBRIS NETTING – If you’re going to be working on an unsound structure around New Malden that has the potential to crumble and break up, then debris netting can be extremely useful. It will catch anything that falls, helping you keep your site safe and clean, while protecting anyone below the netting.


SCAFFOLDING ALARMS – A major concern for many users of scaffolding hire around New Malden, is the possibility that their site may be broken into and their scaffolding structure vandalised or misused. To safeguard against this eventuality, we can install scaffolding alarms that will deter intruders and alert those nearby should someone trespass.


LIGHTING SOLUTIONS – If you’re working on a New Malden site with low-light conditions, or planning on working into the evening, scaffolding companies like our own can incorporate lighting into your scaffold. This will help you work safely and efficiently despite a lack of natural light. Even if it isn’t going to be used particularly much, if you think that the project you’re working on may at some point benefit from some extended hours in the run up to deadline, planning ahead and opting for lighting could help you really make the most of your scaffolding hire experience.


Whatever type of scaffolding structure you require, choose our New Malden based scaffolding erectors when you next require an access solution. Call 07836 336 125.