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Trusted Scaffolding Erectors in Kingston

Top tier scaffolding companies, like BN Scaffolding near Kingston, are able to erect a variety of different structures to meet their clients’ needs.  Our scaffolding erectors have a number of weapons in their arsenal, so to speak, and on this page we’ve run through the characteristics of each and explained the situations in which they are a suitable access solution. Have a question regarding our scaffolding hire services, or looking to bring us in for a site survey? Pick up the phone right-away and call our friendly team on 07836 336 125.



Types of Scaffolding We Erect around Kingston


Supported Scaffolding – Built from the ground up out of steel/aluminium tubes, supported scaffolding is the most common form you’ll find erected in and around the Kingston area. It’s highly versatile, as it can be designed and erected to fit any given space or property.

Other attractive characteristics that supported scaffolding offers up include safety, as it can be reinforced and engineered to allow multiple workers to work on them concurrently, and cost-efficiency. When it comes to the latter category, this type of structure excels – typically, it is the cheapest scaffolding hire option available. It truly is the trusted workhorse of the scaffolding hire industry!



Hanging Scaffolding


But sometimes, scaffolding companies / scaffolding erectors find that they need to resort to hanging scaffolding, typically because the client needs access to the upper levels of a tall building, or because the ground is extremely uneven or structurally unsound (therefore unsafe to build on). You may have noticed hanging scaffolding being used by window cleaners attending to office blocks around Kingston.


It usually can’t support as many bodies as supported scaffolding can, and due to it being that much higher from the ground, needs to be impeccably designed and installed. Always be careful choosing scaffolding companies if you need a hanging scaffold established! To select a company that may cut corners could be fatal.



Birdcage Scaffolding


An independent structure that isn’t tied to a property, a birdcage scaffold is perfect for work on one or two set levels. They’re often used by Kingston contractors who, for example, need to paint or decorate a high wall/ceiling as part of an ongoing renovation. Due to the limitations of birdcage scaffolding (they’re not often very large), they’re a fairly specialist type of structure.


Temporary Roofs – Our scaffolding erectors also set-up temporary roofs. These are exactly what they sound like, and shield Kingston construction sites/properties while work is carried out underneath them. While they’re perhaps most often employed by roofers who are repairing or replacing a roof, they’re also a great way to protect setting concrete or groundworks from sabotage by Mother Nature!


Searching for a trustworthy, reliable scaffolding hire company operating in and around the Kingston area? Contact BN Scaffolding today on 07836 336 125.